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The Bunt dudes discuss how they got into podcasting, where did the name "The Bunt" come from, finally putting their podcast on YouTube, how they prepare for their show, how they feel when their guests appear on other podcasts at the same time, what the hardest part of doing the Bunt is, their dream guests, Illegal tricks, reverse rapid fire, do they listen to The Nine Club and much more!

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Switchflip Switch Manny
I'm Glad I'm Not Me

The Bunt's Instagram
Donovan's Instagram
Cephas Instagram
The Bunt's YouTube



00:00:00 The Bunt
00:00:57 Who's the number one skateboarding podcast?
00:02:31 The Bunt finally on YouTube
00:05:59 Bunt/Nine Club parallels
00:11:55 The Vans sponsorship
00:12:49 Having the same guests
00:16:59 Sports talk on a skateboarding podcast
00:20:27 How did they got into podcasting
00:30:12 Where did "The Bunt" come from
00:30:59 The 3 bad B's
00:34:20 The message boards
00:41:01 The Bunt guys as skaters
00:48:15 The Bunt video
00:52:36 How does the Bunt prepare for their show
00:56:05 Favorite skaters...
00:57:04 Hardest part of doing the Bunt
00:58:41 Do the Bunt guys listen to Nine Club
01:00:06 Bunt dream guests
01:13:41 Doing special events
01:25:25 Kelly's talk button
01:29:42 Behind the scenes of the Bunt
01:35:16 The Bunt as a full time living?
01:40:52 First videos
01:41:21 How did the bunt start skating
01:43:59 Illegal tricks
01:46:08 The Phelps episode
02:00:09 Guest requests
02:03:10 Lost episodes
02:11:35 Money talk
02:17:01 Role reversal
02:24:31 Reverse rapid fire

I'M Glad I'm Not Me

Black And White Photo Of The Nine Set


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