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Joey Suriel discusses growing up in Echo Park & getting his first board from Rip City, Meeting Fabian Alomar for the first time, skating at Lockwood, getting on Powell Peralta, leaving SMA & getting on ATM Click, going pro for 60/40, meeting Kareem Campbell, filming for 20 Shot Sequence & Trilogy, his Duffs shoe and much more!

Links We Talked About

Switchflip Switch Manny
I'm Glad I'm Not Me

Joey Suriel's Instagram
World Industries 20 Shot Sequence
Menace Trilogy
City Stars Street Cinema



00:00:00 Joey Suriel
00:01:11 The short lived Menace Skateboards
00:06:05 Growing up in Echo Park and getting his first board from Rip City
00:13:08 Meeting Fabian Alomar for the first time
00:19:45 The Lockwood days
00:23:25 Getting on Powell Peralta
00:36:01 Joey's EMB story
00:44:03 Leaving SMA and getting on ATM Click
00:50:43 Going pro for 60/40
00:57:01 Meeting Kareem Campbell
00:58:20 Almost getting on Sister (Chocolate)
01:06:39 The popularity of Menice and being appropriately compensated
01:10:54 Why Kareem wasn't a face in Menace
01:14:08 20 Shot Sequence
01:17:06 Seeing Carroll's part in questionable and smashing his own footage
01:25:27 The Trilogy video
01:30:19 The City Stars era
01:33:30 Realizing when your pro career is over
01:44:21 Joey's Duffs shoe
01:54:48 Getting into realty
02:00:45 Menace's 30 year anniversary
02:13:10 Rodney driving the tour van

I'M Glad I'm Not Me

Black And White Photo Of The Nine Set


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