Ishod Wair

We Stop And Chat with Ishod Wair to discuss skating a symmetrical board, why he thought he couldn’t skate anymore, his recent ear infection, giving product to kids, being on time to a skate session, kids asking him to follow them on Instagram, switch crooks on the Oakland Courthouse out ledge, the difference between round and square rails and much more!

Mark Appleyard

We Stop And Chat with Mark Appleyard to discuss being the host of iDabble VM, his current board setup, music in his past video parts, breaking his arm in Barcelona, his new Globe shoe coming out in August, traveling the world, camping, working on his new video part, button up shirts and much more!

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Paul Rodriguez

We Stop And Chat with Paul Rodriguez to discuss how he’s feeling 2 years after his knee injury, will he film another part, his new plant based diet, acting, his current board setup, what his warmup trick is, answering his DM’s, upcoming Nike SB projects, his pet peeves and much more!

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Neen Williams

We Stop And Chat with Neen Williams to discuss his workout routine, filming for a new Deathwish video, skating with Jamie Foy in person, his spice company NADC, what’s his secret to heelflips, his board setup, eating healthy, his FP pro shoe, how he gets his sponsorship deals and much more!

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Nine Club EXPERIENCE #104 - DayRip with NECKFACE, Tony Hawk, Lovenskate's "Tea and Bisquits"

We discuss DayRip with NECKFACE: Lake Elsinore, The Tony Hawk Foundation Is Now THE SKATEPARK PROJECT, DC's "Domino" Team Montage, Passions Just Like Mine, Lovenskate's "Tea and Bisquits" video, remembering Marty and much more! Also, we’re picking 3 winners for the Lil Dre and Jonathan Perez’ pro boards for Maxallure ( This weeks raffle is the Nike SB Nyjah Free 2 shoe (

Passions Just Like Mine:
Equal Rights For All:

Experience #103

We discuss Manramp “Return of the Ramp”, Nyjah Huston stops by to talk about his new Nike SB shoe the Nyjah 2, we watch live and celebrate as Karl Watson turns Lil Dre and Jonathan Perez pro for Maxallure Skateboards, Eldy’s pick of the week, a fly joins the show, Mega Park: Elliot Sloan, Josef Skott in DC's "Domino” part and much more! Also, we’re picking 3 winners for the éS package that includes 2 pairs of Omega shoes and a shirt. This weeks raffle is Lil Dre and Jonathan Perez’ pro boards for Maxallure!

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Experience #102

We discuss Northern Co's 'Helen’ video, LGBTQ+ Love Note: Barker Barrett & Cher Strauberry, EA announces Skate game, A Breath Of Fresh Air: Skateboarding With Cystic Fibrosis, Thaynan Costa in DC's "Domino" Part, Eldy’s pick of the week, our favorite cereal and much more! Also, we’re picking 3 winners for the signed Natas SMA Board ( and a skateboard skull by Leo Papino. This weeks raffle is an éS package that includes 2 pairs of Omega shoes and a shirt (

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Experience #101

We discuss Tiago Lemos' "Crupie Wheels" Part, Vans Presents: Justin Henry's World Peace, Loveletter To LGBTQ+, the new PS5, Tommy Sandoval: On The Other Side, 101 Snuff video, 8:46 - Dave Chappelle and much more! Also, we’re picking 3 winners from the Shake Junt package including 3 sheets of grip, bearings, drink koozie, dog leash and stickers! This weeks raffle is a signed Natas SMA Board.

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Steve-O discusses getting a skateboard after watching “Back To The Future”, making skate videos with two VCR’s, being homeless for 3 years, filming random stunts, going to Clown College, meeting up with the Big Brother guys, doing clinical drug studies to make extra money, getting the call that Jackass got picked up by MTV, Jackass 4, getting choked out by Ryan Dunn, how he prepares for stunts, his new skate project “The Untold Story Of Steve-O's Skateboarding Career” and much more!


Dom DeLuca discusses growing up in Brooklyn NY, opening his first skate shop in Brooklyn called Brooklyn House, working in the music industry, being an MTV VJ on Headbangers Ball, opening Brooklyn House in LA with Kareem Campbell, why he has never sold shop boards, why he decided to sell his Brooklyn Projects clothing brand clothing to Zumiez, what skate shops need to do to stay in business, are brick and mortar stores coming back and much more!

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Ronnie Sandoval discusses growing up in San Pedro CA, trying to learn inverts, his first sponsor Transitions Skateshop, getting flowed Almost boards from Daewon, getting on Krooked Skateboards, when Channel Street will re-open again, getting on Dickies Clothing, filming for the Vans video “Take It Back”, breaking his kneecap in two, taking care of his body to heal, getting a session with Julien Stranger, turning pro for Krooked and much more!

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Allysha Le discusses growing up in El Segundo CA, getting her first board, skating with her dad, entering her first contest when she was 9 years old, getting on Termite Skateboards, leaving H-Street for Hoopla Skateboards, turning pro for Hoopla but felt like she didn’t deserve it, calling Darren Navarrette to ask for Creature boards, getting on Dickies Clothing, skating contests, doing commercials and movies, filming a video part and much more!

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