Alphonzo Rawls

We Stop And Chat with Alphonzo Rawls to discuss discuss moving up to Los Angeles for the first time, his newest releases from his brand “Everybody Skates”, his board setup, skating with Eric Koston early on and how good he was, a sneak peak at his new luxury brand “Savale Footwear” debuting October 15th, what DC in DC Shoes actually stands for and much more!
Everybody Skates:  | Savale Footwear:

Chris Cole

We Stop And Chat with Chris Cole to discuss getting back on Zero Skateboards, how long it took to treflip Wallenberg, the song he didn’t want to skate to, his trick down the Love gap getting leaked to YouTube, his board setup, Fallen Footwear, what skating with his kid is like, fifteen minutes of unused footage and much more!

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Tim Gavin

We Stop And Chat with Tim Gavin to discuss the first time he met Jeron Wilson, getting on Girl Skateboards, his son is now into skating, living with Jeron in the valley, selling product back in the day, starting DVS being his friends “boss”, in a hotel room calling Rodney Mullen with everyone passing the phone around to quit, what made him essentially quit skating and much more!

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Mikey Taylor

We Stop And Chat with Mikey Taylor to discuss how much he’s skating these days, being dropped from DC Shoes, how he dealt with not being a pro skater anymore, why he started SOVRN Skateboards, his board setup, his madness of feeling sketchy on his board through his whole career, why people should have a tax strategist and a CPA, his real estate investment projects through his company Commune Capital, why most pro skaters are probably living check to check and much more!

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Nine Club EXPERIENCE #115 - Lucas Puig, Antihero, Tony Alva, Blake Norris

We discuss Antihero's "QUANTINIUM" Video, Blake Norris' "Julia" Part, adidas Skateboarding Presents /// PUIG, The Tony Alva Story, New Highland Peak x Nine Club bottles and new candles for fall available now on the Nine Club website, Eldy’s pick of the week and much more! Also, we’re picking 3 winners for a pair of the Nike SB Janoski Flyleather shoes ( This weeks raffle is a signed Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Game and a Streetplant Mike Vallely x Chris Pastras board signed by Mike Vallely! (

Experience #114

We discuss the new Nike Janoski Flyleather shoe with Stefan Janoski himself, 'Untitled' by Michael Nicholas, Out There: Erik Ellington, JENK TV - Fred Gall Gets a New Mattress, Chad Muska back on Shorty’s, 2dudes1game played THPS with Tony Hawk and much more! Also, we’re picking 3 winners for the Habitat board, air freshener and mug ( This weeks raffle is a pair of the Nike SB Janoski Flyleather shoes (

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Experience #113

We discuss Girl Skateboards "Nervous Circus”, Tony Hawk Skates the Warehouse from THPS 1+2 In Real Life, Pedro Delfino's "Spitfire" Part, Converse Cons Presents Louie Lopez in "Lola”, Deedz's "Føkk Dude" Part, Kellen James' "Sk8mafia" Part, MUSKA Skateboards, Tony Hawk Milk-Twist, Versace selling complete skateboards for $795 on their site and much more! Also, we’re picking 3 winners for the eS package which includes 2 pairs of éS Shoes, shirt, hoodie and a mask! ( This weeks raffle is a Habitat board, air freshener and mug (

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Experience #112

We discuss Abnormal Communication: Episode 3, JP Souza's "I'll be Around" Part, Lucien Clark Louis Vuitton shoe, Austyn Gillette back on Habitat, FORMER's "Cheap Perfume" Video, Griffin Gas and Niels Bennet turning pro for Girl and much more! Also, we’re picking 3 winners for the Satori Movement package (, a DGK Chaz Ortiz deck and a Tom Penny print painted by Jason Arnold! This weeks raffle is 2 pairs of éS Shoes, shirt, hoodie and a mask! (

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Steve-O discusses getting a skateboard after watching “Back To The Future”, making skate videos with two VCR’s, being homeless for 3 years, filming random stunts, going to Clown College, meeting up with the Big Brother guys, doing clinical drug studies to make extra money, getting the call that Jackass got picked up by MTV, Jackass 4, getting choked out by Ryan Dunn, how he prepares for stunts, his new skate project “The Untold Story Of Steve-O's Skateboarding Career” and much more!


Dom DeLuca discusses growing up in Brooklyn NY, opening his first skate shop in Brooklyn called Brooklyn House, working in the music industry, being an MTV VJ on Headbangers Ball, opening Brooklyn House in LA with Kareem Campbell, why he has never sold shop boards, why he decided to sell his Brooklyn Projects clothing brand clothing to Zumiez, what skate shops need to do to stay in business, are brick and mortar stores coming back and much more!

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Ronnie Sandoval discusses growing up in San Pedro CA, trying to learn inverts, his first sponsor Transitions Skateshop, getting flowed Almost boards from Daewon, getting on Krooked Skateboards, when Channel Street will re-open again, getting on Dickies Clothing, filming for the Vans video “Take It Back”, breaking his kneecap in two, taking care of his body to heal, getting a session with Julien Stranger, turning pro for Krooked and much more!

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Allysha Le discusses growing up in El Segundo CA, getting her first board, skating with her dad, entering her first contest when she was 9 years old, getting on Termite Skateboards, leaving H-Street for Hoopla Skateboards, turning pro for Hoopla but felt like she didn’t deserve it, calling Darren Navarrette to ask for Creature boards, getting on Dickies Clothing, skating contests, doing commercials and movies, filming a video part and much more!

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SESSION VS SKATER XL!! Which Is Better? A Side By Side Comparison

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Is Tony Hawk Actually Good At His Own Game?? | Tony Hawk Plays Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2

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SKATE 3 Is FINALLY HERE!!! - First Look and Gameplay!!

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