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Vincent Milou

Experience #182

Louie Barletta

The Nine Club

Bill Weiss

Bill Weiss discusses growing up in Toronto Canada, taking a bus from Toronto to California at age 14, starting the video magazine Digital, how the naked 540 came about, skating with Tom Penny, retiring from pro skating to becoming the brand manager and team manager of Blind Skateboards, Blind winning Thrasher’s King Of The Road, starting his board company Madness, how he rebuilt Blind over the last 18 years, breaking his arm at the premiere of Clay Kreiner’s pro part and much more!

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Jose Rojo

Jose Rojo discusses growing up in San Jose CA, skating transitions when he first started skating, meeting the Tilt Mode crew, Marc Johnson asking him to ride for Enjoi, skating for Savier Footwear, getting on Adio Footwear, surviving a crazy car accident while filming for “Bag Of Suck”, getting let go from Adio and getting on Etnies, why he retired from from Enjoi and much more!

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Bod Boyle

Bod Boyle discusses growing up in London, skating vert in the early 80’s, getting hooked up with G&S, turning pro for Santa Cruz, transitioning from being a pro skater to doing sales for NHS, working for Giant Distribution, leaving Giant for Dwindle Distribution, how to navigate photo incentive in the digital world, what moves the needle nowadays for board sales, how Dwindle is taking steps to reducing waste and making sustainable products and much more!

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The Nine Club Stop And Chat

Andy Anderson

Andy Anderson Stops by and Chats with us about tearing his MCL 5 days before the Olympics, working on a new board shape, trying to film a trick for 5 years, witnessing a crazy robbery in Brazil, filming his “Seen Him” video, reviewing some of his skate clips and much more!

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Boo Johnson

Boo Johnson Stops by and Chats with us about his YouTube channel, getting signed by IMG, acting in a new movie with Machine Gun Kelly, skating for Straye Footwear, skating the Cherry Park gap, the new generation on DGK, how he does hardflip back smith grinds, trying a Paqui Chip, his Pharmacy skate shop in Long Beach, reviewing some of his skate clips and much more!

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Spanish Mike

Spanish Mike Stops by and Chats with us about Felix Arguelles & Manny Santiago giving him opportunities back in the day, first filming for Ammo & Famous, re-filming Manny’s tricks after his footage got stolen, why Daniel Scales kicked P-Rod out of their group chat, not tagging filmer on instagram, filming Paul Rodriguez’s “What The P-Rod” part, reviewing some clips he filmed and much more!

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The Nine Club Experience

Holiday Special

Ryan Sheckler leaves Plan B, Eric Koston partners with Swag Golf, Eldy's Pick Of The Week, Nick Mathews’ Venture x Uprise part, board madness, pushing mongo, Budget Or Buttery and much more!

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Experience #180

We've Done A Total 180

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Experience #179

We discuss the Chocolate Skateboards "Bunny Hop” video, Alex Elfving’s “Pocket” Part, Mason Silva SOTY Trip: "Spritz and Destroy" Video and much more! Also, picking 3 winners for The Nine Club mystery boxes!. This week’s raffle is Habitat Twin Peaks Diorama 4-Deck Set!

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