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Jack Curtin & Brian Reid discuss how Brian got on DGK, Jack leaving DGK for Skate Mental then going back to DGK, Jack & Brian skating for New Balance, Jack's New Balance Pulaski shoe, how Jamie Thomas has Jack's back, maneuvering in the industry as an older skater, Brian going pro for DGK, Jack barfing up burgers that Lutzka bought him and much more!

Links We Talked About

Switchflip Switch Manny
I'm Glad I'm Not Me

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Brian Reid's Instagram
DGK - Zeitgeist Raw - Brian Reid
Brian Reid For Grand Collection
Amen - a DGK Video
Brian Reid page
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00:00:00 Brian Reid & Jack Curtin
00:01:39 Eggs (the spot)
00:01:56 How does Jack stay young?
00:03:30 How did Jack and Brian meet
00:04:13 How Brian got on DGK
00:05:48 Jack's New Balance Pulaski shoe
00:08:33 Jack leaving DGK for Skate Mental then going back to DGK
00:18:28 Maneuvering in the industry as an older skater
00:20:53 Brian going pro
00:31:45 The return of iconic spots
00:36:32 Getting hooked up by New Balance
00:42:25 The DC tour days
00:46:49 Jack on Fallen Footwear
00:54:07 Jamie Thomas has Jack's back
00:55:41 Zero x DGK fresh til death tour
00:56:20 Jack going to japan with FTC
01:05:29 Tampa contests
01:06:18 Jack barfing up burgers that Lutzka bought him
01:12:31 Kelly "the man skater" Hart
01:19:36 Jack getting on Lucky Skateboards
01:26:31 Brian in the Raw video
01:32:03 Basmati Brian
01:34:54 Brian plays the sax
01:36:42 How did Brian find skateboarding
01:41:25 Kelly immortalized
01:47:10 The NB we got now commercial with Jack

I'M Glad I'm Not Me

Black And White Photo Of The Nine Set


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