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Selema Masekela discusses moving to Carlsbad California, falling in love with surfing, working at Transworld, becoming team manager for Planet Earth, Rhythm & Adio Footwear, starting Alphanumeric Clothing, why he first turned down announcing for X Games, getting the call to go on Tony Hawks Gigantic Skatepark Tour, Tony Hawks 900, breaking the Kim Kardashian sex tape story on his E! show "Daily 10”, returning to X Games, his father Hugh Masekela and much more!

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00:00:00 Selema Masekela
00:02:37 Finding skateboarding
00:05:47 Moving to Carlsbad California
00:10:21 Falling in love with surfing
00:11:19 Selema's first job in skateboarding
00:21:30 Our Sponsor: AG1 Athletic Greens
00:23:06 Getting back into skating heavy because of Transworld
00:25:13 Moving up the ladder at Transworld
00:29:32 Working for Planet Earth
00:31:17 Becoming team manager for Planet Earth, Rhythm & Adio Footwear
00:32:42 The Rhythm video
00:35:20 Meeting Alyasha Owerka-Moore
00:38:25 Team manager for Reebok's Boks program
00:40:51 Starting Alphanumeric
00:46:19 What happened with Alphanumeric?
00:50:42 Getting into television work
00:52:16 Announcing contests and demos
01:01:49 Getting the call to go on Tony Hawks Gigantic Skatepark Tour
01:02:13 Tony Hawk's 900
01:12:37 Leaving and returning to X Games
01:22:45 Working for E! entertainment
01:25:27 Dealing with taxes
01:28:31 Breaking the Kim Kardashian sex tape story on his E! show "Daily 10"
01:42:19 Selema's father Hugh Masekela
01:47:10 The beauty of working in the thing you love
01:52:10 Olympic broadcasting
01:57:22 The future of womens skateboarding
02:00:07 Being back at X Games
02:07:10 Snowboard lingo
02:10:35 Selema's dad the musician
02:16:28 Skaters doing things that aren't skateboarding
02:20:57 From Selema to Sal back to Selema

I'M Glad I'm Not Me

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