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Clyde Singleton discusses growing up in Jacksonville Florida, going "pro" for Acme Skateboards, The Chronicles Of Piff Huxtable & Clydes Corner, impersonating John Montesi on the phone to get on Vision Street Wear, ruining Jamie Thomas' purple Planet Earth pants, meeting Natas and Gino and getting fully on 101, staying with Fabian Alomar, passing up the opportunity to ride for Menace, leaving 101 for Sal Barbier’s company 23, falling off a bridge in Prague & waking up in ICU, the beginning & end of Aesthetics, the move to Zoo York, his Minority Report video, going to culinary school, the return of Aesthetics, his podcast “WCRP on Skateboarding” and much more!

Links We Talked About

Switchflip Switch Manny
Clyde Singleton's Instagram
Minority Report
Aesthetics Ryde or Die
20 Shot Sequence
Acme Untitled



00:00:00 Clyde Singleton
00:02:16 Chris and Clyde were teammates on 4CE Footwear
00:05:55 Clyde on Hawk vs Wolf podcast
00:06:32 The return of Aesthetics
00:08:32 Ride Or Die vol 1 (Clyde falling off a bridge in Prague)
00:25:19 20 Shot Sequence video
00:26:14 Our Sponsor: Athletic Greens
00:28:16 Going "pro" for Acme Skateboards
00:31:19 Getting introduced to skateboarding
00:36:25 Clyde accidentally learning everything switch when he first started skating
00:41:37 Clyde's wooden trophy that looks like something else
00:43:24 Black representation in skateboarding
00:49:42 Clyde's personality off the board
00:51:16 People getting mad at Clyde for being Clyde
00:52:01 The Chronicles of Piff Huxtable
00:55:35 Comparing the Zero Skateboards tours to the Insane Clown Posse
00:57:27 Clyde's relationship with Jamie Thomas
01:01:20 Getting hooked up by Vision
01:03:50 Impersonating John Montesi to get on Vision Street Wear
01:08:22 Getting on Formula 1 wheels
01:10:11 Driving out to California
01:19:51 Clyde ruined Jamie Thomas' purple Planet Earth pants
01:24:11 The incident at EMB
01:37:12 Getting caught skipping school
01:41:40 Getting on 101
01:52:26 Kareem taking Clyde under his wing
01:54:59 Meeting Natas and Gino and getting fully on 101
02:00:21 Filming for 20 Shot Sequence
02:01:04 The World camp helping to mold Clyde's skate career
02:06:29 Staying with Fabian Alomar
02:08:51 Leaving 101 and starting 23 Skateboards with Sal Barbier
02:15:08 Passing up the opportunity to ride for Menace
02:16:30 Slamming Jason Dill's head in a car door
02:19:51 The 23 tour
02:25:11 What happened to 23
02:26:08 The beginning of Aesthetics
02:34:26 The end of Aesthetics and the move to Zoo York
02:42:36 Clyde wanted to be the black guy on black label
02:43:50 After Zoo York
02:50:18 The party lifestyle
02:52:30 Clyde's Minority Report video
03:00:47 Going to culinary school
03:02:18 Being a chef
03:08:05 Sober Clyde
03:14:03 Clyde on DC?
03:22:49 Top stains and blank boards
03:26:14 The problem with owning the company you skate for
03:28:44 The current state of skateboard marketing
03:52:11 When Sheffey was Sheffey
03:58:54 The return of Aesthetics
04:03:16 Going on tour with the world camp
04:06:46 World park
04:13:40 Clyde's podcast

Black And White Photo Of The Nine Set


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