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Jamie Foy & Patrick Praman discusses how Patrick got on Real Skateboards, their approach to skating big rails, Patrick's turning pro surprise, Jamie's New Balance SeaDoo ad, what’s it like skating Hollywood High 16, Jamie's Sonic The Hedgehog slam aka The West Coast Humbler, Patrick's arm breaker slam, the overcrook argument, what are Jamie & Patrick working on now and much more!

Links We Talked About

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Patrick Praman's Instagram
Patrick Praman's Pro Part for REAL Skateboards
Patrick Praman Is Pro!!
Jamie Foy's "Sunshine State" Dickies Part



00:00:00 Jamie Foy & Patrick Praman
00:01:41 How Jamie & Patrick met
00:07:27 Patrick's last name
00:09:52 How Patrick got on Real Skateboards
00:15:25 Our Sponsor: Athletic Greens
00:17:00 Breaking out of the local scene
00:20:37 Feeding off each other when going big
00:23:26 Jamie & Patrick's approach to skating big rails
00:26:48 Method Madness (set-ups)
00:31:09 Patrick's turning pro surprise
00:40:16 Getting in the van with the Real team
00:40:51 The catalyst for moving to California
00:48:13 Jamie's New Balance SeaDoo ad
00:54:07 Jamie's Mom towing him in
00:59:29 Jamie's current video part status
01:10:37 Jamie's sonic the hedgehog slam (West Coast Humbler)
01:16:41 Patrick's arm breaker slam
01:25:32 The Boss (Andrew Reynolds)
01:28:55 Hollywood High 16
01:47:45 Jake Iilardi biggy front board Hollywood 16 23 times in a row
01:53:42 The overcrook argument
01:57:02 What are Jamie & Patrick working on now
01:57:38 Jamie bailed on Patrick
02:13:26 The east coast humbler

I'M Glad I'm Not Me

Black And White Photo Of The Nine Set


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