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Nigel Alexander (NKA Vids) discusses getting his first job & sponsor by 118 Boardshop, meeting a young Paul Rodriguez, getting his first camera, making the Forecast video, starting, making a push on his YouTube channel & working with Network A, his first check from YouTube, finding skaters for his youtube videos, working for Powell Peralta, dealing with YouTube comments and much more!

Links We Talked About

Switchflip Switch Manny
Nigel Alexander's Instagram
Nigel Alexander's YouTube Channel
Forecast video
Proof video
Nigel K. Alexander - Street Part



00:00:00 Nigel Alexander
00:04:22 Skating both switch and regular comfortably
00:06:03 First job & sponsor was 118 Boardshop
00:06:51 Making the Forecast video
00:10:06 Starting
00:13:10 The Proof video
00:14:40 Our Sponsor: Athletic Greens
00:16:15 Making the push towards YouTube and working with Network A
00:22:39 His first YouTube check
00:23:24 Jeron was Nigel's plug in high school (for skate product)
00:26:04 How Nigel got his first camera
00:31:39 The YouTube thing
00:44:38 Finding skaters for his YouTube videos
00:51:20 The effects of being a YouTuber on one's mental health
00:54:27 Nigel's upload schedule
00:57:46 Misconceptions about YouTube
01:05:02 is YouTube still as lucrative as it used to be?
01:05:30 The importance of YouTube thumbnails
01:09:39 Andy Schrock
01:12:12 Finding your niche on YouTube
01:15:17 Nigel's relationship with P-Rod
01:32:32 Notable moments while filming
01:38:29 Andy Anderson going big
01:41:25 Andy Anderson doing freestyle in the olympic park contest
01:43:25 Andy Anderson overload on YouTube?
01:45:02 working for/with Powell Peralta
01:51:40 Dealing with the YouTube comments

I'M Glad I'm Not Me

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