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Patrick O’Dell discusses growing up in St. Louis, moving to San Francisco, getting a job at Thrasher Magazine, starting his blog called Epicly Later’d, how he came up with the name Epicly Later’d, going on his first tour with Baker, working for, writing into his contract that he cannot be fired from his own show, why some people got mad about their Epicly Later’d episode, the end of his Epicly Later’d show & Vice going bankrupt, going down the Mississippi in a boat with Heath Kirchart, directing the Big Brother documentary "Dumb”, 25th anniversary for Nixon watches Documentary and much more!

Links We Talked About

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Patrick O'Dell's Instagram
Patrick O'Dell's Website
Cardiel Epicly Later'd
Epicly Later'd Playlist



00:00:00 Patrick O'Dell
00:02:10 Getting his start in skateboarding
00:04:11 Going to college to study photography in San Francisco
00:05:46 Getting a job at Thrasher Magazine
00:08:11 The history of Epicly Later'd
00:15:19 Going on his first tour with Baker
00:22:54 The John Cardiel Epicly Later'd episode
00:31:43 Our Sponsor: Athletic Greens
00:33:18 When Epicly Later'd got on TV
00:34:44 Meeting Spike Jonze for the first time
00:39:59 Getting paid more now that Epicly Later'd was on TV
00:40:44 Job security (not being able to be fired from his own show)
00:43:45 Vice going bankrupt
00:46:54 Episodes of Epicly Later'd that never came out
00:50:34 People getting mad about their episode
00:53:01 Patricks personal favorite episode of Epicly Later'd
00:55:03 The Ali Boulala Epicly Later'd episode
01:00:45 The Antwuan Dixon Epicly Later'd episode
01:08:10 Feeling the love (and hate) for Epicly Later'd
01:16:57 The end of Epicly Later'd
01:22:08 Working with Heath Kirchart
01:25:59 Going down the Mississippi in a boat with Heath Kirchart
01:33:07 Patrick's new book "Big River"
01:36:29 The Epicly Later'd episode that got away
01:37:27 Directing the Big Brother documentary "Dumb"
01:40:56 How Patrick felt when Epicly Later'd ended
01:40:56 Working for Vans
01:50:26 Directing music videos
01:54:42 25th anniversary for Nixon watches
02:05:40 What's Patrick up to now

I'M Glad I'm Not Me

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