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Ryan Sheckler discusses filming his new video part “Lifer”, the physical & mental battle to get his ender, sponsoring 8 year old Wyatt Hammond, what it was like for him growing up in the limelight, how much he got paid for the Axe deodorant Double Pits To Chesty commercial, how many deals he actually turned down. being back in SLS, working with Woodward Skate Camp, his new documentary "rolling away”, Ryan’s take on the Olympics and much more!!

Links We Talked About

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Ryan Sheckler's Instagram
Ryan Sheckler Nine Club
LIFER: The Ryan Sheckler Video Part



00:00:00 Ryan Sheckler
00:00:39 Ryan's new video part
00:01:47 His healthy lifestyle change
00:04:06 The physical & mental battle to get his ender
00:07:18 Sheriff Dave blocking traffic so ryan can get his trick
00:14:12 Switching his set-up to do his ender
00:21:30 Our Sponsor: Athletic Greens
00:23:05 Sponsoring 8 year old Wyatt Hammond
00:28:20 The effects of wearing pads street skating as a little kid
00:35:00 Growing up in the limelight
00:37:13 How much Ryan got for the Double Pits To Chesty AXE deodorant commercial
00:39:27 How many deals he actually turned down
00:41:25 How ryan spent his Double Pits money
00:44:20 Being back in SLS
00:55:16 Being a father and how that effects his skateboarding
01:01:23 Sandlot Times x Woodward
01:06:52 His new documentary "Rolling Away"
01:08:59 Ryan's new part "Lifer"
01:26:29 Picking the song for his part
01:37:49 Ryan's love for golfing
01:40:19 Rees G's Costco gap cartoon
01:42:36 Ryan's days of drinking
01:48:44 What Ryan thinks of the Olympics

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