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Ira Ingram discusses working his first live skateboarding event, Battle At The Berrics finals night live production, filming Red Bull’s “You Good" video & Sheckler's drop in on a Taipei freeway overpass, the dangers of using a bungee, how he got the name CurbKiller, his curb part “Mid Life Crisis”, getting a guest board on Heroin Skateboards, Filming Ryan Sheckler’s new part “Lifer”, growing near El Toro and trying to grind the lesser known 22 stair handrail, getting fired from 411VM, working the live shows for ETN, the Zane Timpson documentary and much more!

Links We Talked About

Switchflip Switch Manny
Ira Ingram's Instagram
Mid life crisis part
You Good? Red Bull
Warco Sun machine



00:00:00 Ira Ingram
00:00:54 Working his first live skateboarding event
00:03:43 Being a producer on live events
00:05:11 Battle At The Berrics finals night live production
00:13:16 Getting jobs in live broadcasting
00:22:48 Our Sponsor: Athletic Greens
00:24:23 Working for ETN
00:27:31 Ryan Sheckler's live slam on Facemelters
00:35:38 Bonded cellular packs for doing ETN live shows around the world
00:47:05 Red Bull's "You Good" video and Sheckler's freeway drop in in Taipei
00:55:05 Filming Ryan Sheckler's new "Lifer" part
01:00:53 The dangers of the bungee
01:04:01 Getting to film the best of the best
01:08:17 Ira the skateboarder
01:09:09 His curb part "Mid Life Crisis"
01:13:31 How Ira got the name "curbkiller"
01:16:13 Growing near el toro and trying to grind the lesser known 22 stair at el toro high
01:24:50 Front crook or bail tail down el toro - which do you choose
01:28:35 Getting detained in China
01:41:31 Van Life
01:47:37 Sheckler's "Lifer" part coming soon
01:55:12 Street Pirates
01:58:44 Getting fired from 411VM
02:06:00 The Zane Timpson documentary

I'M Glad I'm Not Me

Black And White Photo Of The Nine Set


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