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Chad Caruso discusses growing up in Long Island, getting sober, 50 tricks in 50 states, what the 50 tricks in 50 states budget looks like, skating 3,000 miles across the country alone, planning his route but not hotels, emergency bathroom breaks on the road, having to push switch when his leg got tired, a moth getting stuck in his ear, running out of water in the desert, editing a video a day at the hotel after skating 50 to 60 miles, enduring the elements and different types of paved roads, achieving a Guinness Book Of World Records for fastest crossing of America on a skateboard, raising money for “Natural High” a drug prevention nonprofit that inspires and empowers youth to find their natural high and develop the skills and courage to live life well, Chad Caruso day in Virginia Beach and much more!

Links We Talked About

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50 States 50 Tricks Playlist
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00:00:00 Chad Caruso
00:02:33 50 tricks in 50 states
00:05:31 Getting sober
00:16:00 Having relationships while being a skateboarder/YouTuber
00:18:59 Our Sponsor: Athletic Greens
00:20:34 Traveling alone
00:22:26 What the 50 tricks in 50 states budget looks like
00:31:34 Skating across the country
00:32:52 Chasing cows
00:38:58 Bathroom breaks on the road
00:44:27 What did chad pack for his trip across the country
00:46:17 Enduring the elements
00:47:19 Pushing switch when his leg got tired
00:49:00 Lessons learned from skating across the country
00:51:22 Using a website called Kamoot for the trek
00:54:44 Chad is now a Guinness World Record holder
00:57:37 Raising awareness for the causes of addiction and mental health
00:59:37 Trials and tribulations during the skate across America
01:00:41 The moth in the ear
01:06:04 Shin splints / Injuries
01:07:17 Skating now after having skated across the country
01:11:24 What was the worst stretch of the trip
01:13:05 The wheels Chad used to skate across the country
01:13:43 People coming to see chad during his skate across the country
01:15:58 Making a documentary about the trip across America
01:16:57 Running out of water in the desert
01:23:38 Would he do it again
01:25:01 The final stretch on the skate across America
01:32:14 Chad Caruso day in Virginia Beach
01:34:00 Slim Jim wouldn't sponsor him
01:42:58 Falling during the skate across America
01:45:37 Chad's production method for daily YouTube updates
01:48:01 What's chad doing now
02:08:25 The most important thing chad learned on his journey

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