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Colin Kennedy discusses getting into film making, filming and editing for 411 Video Magazine, working for The Berrics & his first project being “Aberrican Me” the Ross Capicchioni story, getting hired by DVS & making the “Skate More” video, the inspirations behind the animations and graphics for “Skate More”, filming the Miles Silvas “One Stop” video in downtown LA, Austyn Gillette in “Quik”, filming Torey Pudwill & Daewon Song for “HOA”, making the “LA Boys” documentary, the current state of skateboarding videos and much more!

Links We Talked About

Switchflip Switch Manny
Colin Kennedy's Instagram
Colin Kennedy's Vimeo Page
Nike SB x Jarritos
Thank You Skateboards HOA
Lightbox feat Louie Lopez
The L.A. Boys
Numbers 12:45
American Me Ross Capicchioni
Adidas One Stop /// Miles Silvas
DVS Skate More



00:00:00 Colin Kennedy
00:02:03 The current state of skateboarding videos
00:05:06 DVS "Skate More" video
00:15:58 Our Sponsor: Athletic Greens
00:17:33 The animations and graphics for "Skate More"
00:30:59 The music in "Skate More"
00:34:23 Steve Berra editing is own part in "Skate More"
00:37:53 Steve Berra making spots for "Skate More"
00:53:54 Filming and editing for 411 Video Magazine
01:20:37 The music for 411's
01:32:06 Getting started at the Berrics and Aberrican me - Ross Capicchioni
01:44:46 The Miles Silvas "One Stop" video
02:07:58 The "HOA" Thank You Skateboards piece
02:20:19 Austyn Gillette in "Quik"
02:26:08 The "LA Boys" documentary
02:39:36 Filming the 411 intros with Lance Mountain
02:43:26 what's Colin up to now

Black And White Photo Of The Nine Set


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