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Carl Aikens discusses growing up in Chicago, Carls mom hosting house music parties in Chicago, getting his first Chocolate ad in a mag, filming for Chocolate’s “Bunny Hop” video, shoe company's offering him contracts but choosing Adidas, Melon grab over Hollywood High’s fence, why he doesn’t watch too much skating content, his first contest ever was SLS, getting modeling gigs, FaceTiming pro’s for motivation to land tricks and much more!

Links We Talked About

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00:00:00 Carl Aikens
00:00:27 Chris & Carl meet after being on Chocolate together for 6 years
00:02:28 How Carl started to get flow for Chocolate
00:05:34 Young Carl coming up skating
00:08:41 The shoe sponsors
00:11:02 The New York connection
00:13:53 Our Supporter: Athletic Greens
00:15:29 Carl's mom famous in Chicago
00:19:07 Carl's mom on a board
00:19:49 Carl the model
00:28:24 Pro skaters doing other things to make money
00:33:35 Fully getting on Chocolate
00:35:59 Carl's first Chocolate ad
00:39:02 The portrait board
00:43:51 Carl's "Bunny Hop" part
00:46:40 The shoe company offers after Carl was dropped by Nike
00:51:05 The Lost Kids record label
00:53:55 Modeling for Erewhon
01:02:30 Melon grab over the fence at Hollywood High
01:04:33 Carl doesn't watch skateboarding
01:05:50 The "Serena" video
01:15:04 heading to Paris
01:16:36 Does Carl follow Tony Hawk?
01:19:55 What Carls working on now
01:29:43 Facetiming pros for motivation to land tricks

Black And White Photo Of The Nine Set


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