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Luis Mora discusses moving to California from Nevada, filming skaters for companies and not getting paid, struggling in LA to make ends meat, meeting & working for Lamont Holt, taking the leap to build his own YouTube channel, helping to shine light on unknown skaters, his friends turning on him for doing YouTube videos, going to Japan for the first time, starting his brand Erased, his recent Lakai x Erased collaboration and much more!

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Switchflip Switch Manny
Luis Mora YouTube Channel
Luis Mora's Instagram



00:00:00 Luis Mora
00:01:14 How did Luis get to this point from YouTube
00:03:39 Erased in NYC
00:04:09 Copyright rules on YouTube and his 3 year old skater video
00:11:06 Helping shine light on unknown rippers
00:13:21 Our Sponsor: Athletic Greens
00:14:56 Moving to California from Nevada and starting the YouTube journey
00:23:56 Why didn't Luis go the traditional route of filming skating
00:26:01 Filming skaters for companies and not getting paid
00:30:11 Breaking the news to his mom about leaving for California
00:33:59 Struggling in LA to make ends meat
00:38:13 Filming Jeff Dechesare
00:41:49 Popularity and cliques
00:48:30 Meeting Lamont Holt
00:52:59 His friends turning on him for doing YouTube videos
00:59:21 Taking the leap to build his own YouTube channel
01:06:26 Going to Japan for the first time
01:08:41 Starting his brand Erased
01:13:53 Why Japan was such a life changing experience
01:19:45 How YouTube analytics mess with Luis' head
01:24:07 What is Luis' demographic
01:34:47 The "hack" to getting views
01:46:05 Brand deals
01:47:24 What's the most Luis spent to make a YouTube video
01:48:41 YouTube and the rules about using music
01:58:24 Is there too much skate content being created and posted
02:07:53 Outdated business models
02:14:57 Kyonosuke Yamashita
02:24:10 Lakai x Erased collaboration

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