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Tyrone Olson discusses growing up in Madison Wisconsin, meeting Dave Mayhew for the first time, getting his first photo in a magazine, the beginning of Osiris & filming for "The Storm", starting Germ Skateboards, becoming William Patrick, still entering Tampa Pro, using jump ramps to skate big rails, being on Thrashers "King Of The Road" and much more!

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Tyrone's Instagram
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00:00:00 Tyrone Olson
00:01:08 Growing up in Madison Wisconsin
00:02:18 How Tyrone found skateboarding
00:04:32 The T-Bone nickname
00:07:00 Meeting Dave Mayhew for the first time
00:10:45 Moving out west at an early age
00:14:43 Leaving LA to go to SD
00:15:12 Surviving in California
00:20:09 Getting his first photo in a magazine
00:25:58 The beginning of Osiris
00:33:03 Filming for Osiris "The Storm"
00:36:54 What happened with Osiris
00:43:48 Germ Skateboards
00:46:04 Skating big stuff
00:55:26 Becoming William Patrick
00:58:08 Entering Tampa Pro
01:02:07 Moving back home to Wisconsin
01:03:17 How Tyrone ended up back in Cali?
01:11:32 Tyrone as a productive skater
01:12:52 Scarred Skateboards
01:17:52 Breaking his ankle
01:22:20 Using ramps to get on rails
01:24:29 Getting his nose broken by a security guard
01:41:05 Wake skating
01:44:16 Being on Thrashers "King Of The Road"

I'M Glad I'm Not Me

Black And White Photo Of The Nine Set


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