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Margie Didal discusses growing up in the Philippines, winning her first contest after 8 months of skating, first time flying in a plane to Manila, first time she entered a bigger contest like X Games, going viral after posting Tony Hawk on her instagram, What it was like staying in the Olympic village sleeping on a cardboard bed, getting on New Balance, breaking her ankle in Brazil, how she got on Red Bull and much more!

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00:00:00 Margie Didal
00:02:58 What's Margie doing in California
00:05:56 Entered first contest after 3 months of skating
00:06:42 What tricks was Margie doing after 3 months of skating
00:09:20 Won her first contest after 8 months of skating
00:10:55 What was her first sponsor
00:12:12 Free access to her local skatepark
00:15:41 Filming her first sponsor me video
00:22:43 Park shutting down forced her to skate the streets
00:24:04 Meeting Anthony Claravall
00:24:47 First time flying in a plane to Manila
00:26:53 Anthony Claravall helps her get an ID
00:29:44 When Margie stop going to school
00:31:26 First thing she did when she got money was buy a sack of rice
00:32:44 Anthony Claravall got Margie to enter bigger contest like X Games
00:36:19 Margie dancing and dab'ing on the street course
00:37:52 Olympic fame
00:40:23 Going viral after posting Tony Hawk on her instagram
00:43:10 What was it like to stay in the Olympic village
00:43:53 Did sleeping on a cardboard bed affect her skating
00:46:16 Not participating in next olympics because of broken ankle
00:49:05 5oh on big rail - tony hawk filmed it
00:50:04 Breaking her ankle in Brazil
01:03:16 How did Margie get on Red Bull
01:08:45 New balance
01:24:06 How 852 surprised her with a board
01:32:29 Filming for a video part
01:35:04 Fakie nollie
01:36:23 Filming with Anthony Claravall - he knows the good food spots
01:46:33 Up and coming skater from the Philippines Motic Panugalinog
01:51:24 Dab'ing with the president of the Philippines

I'M Glad I'm Not Me

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