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Ryan Clements discusses the economics of skateboarding events, big corporate sponsors and how they're perceived, the world of skateboard agents & managing “athletes”, is anyone making money throwing contests, the Boardr's live scoring system for contests, did the Olympics have any effect on skateboarding, giving advice to clients & dealing with skater's parents, getting into the skatepark construction game and much more!

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Ryan Clements Instagram
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00:00:00 Ryan Clements
00:01:18 Being a skateboard agent
00:04:11 The creation of the Boardr
00:11:03 Tampa pro and other similar contests
00:16:08 Supported By: AG1
00:17:43 The Boardr's live scoring program
00:22:42 The Olympics
00:28:25 Exposure skate events
00:36:31 The economics of skateboarding events
00:52:56 Is anyone making money throwing contests
01:10:14 Big corporate sponsors and how they're perceived
01:13:20 Managing "Athletes"
01:21:53 The world of skateboard agents
01:26:56 Managing Mark Gonzales
01:45:45 Working with Nora
01:47:20 Giving advice to clients
01:53:31 Dylan Jaeb and the shoe deal
01:56:35 How the Olympics have changed skateboarding
01:57:38 Getting into the skatepark construction game
02:07:43 Ryan's dream driveway
02:10:56 The ice cream thing
02:23:25 Mono A Mono at Woodward West
02:35:19 Dealing with skater's parents

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