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Danny Duncan discusses starting skating at 14 years old, breaking his leg at the skatepark, pursuing personal training for skaters, working with a young Zion Wright, coming out to LA and sleeping on busses and trains, training skaters at Skatepark of Tampa & The Berrics, Chris Chann buying him a car to help him get around LA, working with Jason Lee as his personal trainer, coming up on YouTube, starting his clothing line, having to tone down his videos for YouTube, what his opinion is of selling out, buying his mom a house and much more!

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I'm Glad I'm Not Me
Danny Duncan's Instagram
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00:00:00 Danny Duncan
00:01:06 Growing up skateboarding
00:02:04 Breaking his leg skating at the skatepark
00:04:46 Becoming a Personal Trainer for skaters
00:19:34 Our Sponsor: AG1 (Athletic Greens)
00:21:09 The days of the struggle
00:22:02 The importance of Chris Chann in Danny's life
00:23:13 Working with Jason Lee as his personal trainer
00:31:01 Danny's inspiration to do crazy stuff
00:37:27 Starting a music label
00:41:21 Breaking down his merch
00:50:36 Danny's interpretation of sellout
01:01:03 The youtube videos
01:07:10 Danny's weirdest bad encounter with someone
01:08:10 Virginity Rocks school visit
01:13:37 Playing the game to make it in skateboarding
01:18:42 Danny's relationship with youtube
01:25:55 Danny's favorite skate companies growing up
01:27:39 Doing the running of the bulls
01:31:57 Things danny won't do
01:33:38 How does danny manage his money
01:39:14 Ratchet man
01:46:40 Knowing the numbers
01:51:05 The moment Danny made a million bucks

I'M Glad I'm Not Me

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