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Pancho Moler & Wee Man discuss meeting each other through Big Brother Magazine, the Pancho vs Wee Man rivalry, Pancho's Big Brother cover on the NYC "Huf" ledge, Wee Man only getting hurt skating and never on Jackass, Pancho getting on Think Skateboards and then getting kicked off, the end of Pancho's skate career, Hollywood putting celebrity heads on Pancho's body, starting their Lil' Revolution podcast and much more!

Links We Talked About

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I'm Glad I'm Not Me
Wee Man's Instagram
Pancho Moler's Instagram
Think Free at last
NC clothing montage
Lil Revolution Podcast



00:00:00 Pancho Moler & Wee Man
00:01:24 Wee Man meeting Pancho through Big Brother Magazine
00:06:16 Celebrity heads on Pancho's body
00:08:43 Pancho the actor
00:09:09 The Pancho vs Wee Man rivalry
00:12:02 Pancho's Big Brother cover on the NYC "Huf" ledge
00:13:20 Where is Pancho from
00:13:37 Getting on Think Skateboards
00:16:27 Who went pro first
00:19:01 Our Supporter: AG1
00:20:37 Meeting and skating with Tim O'Connor
00:31:03 Getting kicked off Think Skateboards
00:38:48 Pancho and Wee Man's new podcast
00:41:43 Poncho's crazy jobs
00:44:38 The end of Pancho's skate career
00:47:10 Why Pancho left skating
00:54:56 Going into acting
01:01:01 Wee Man NOT getting hurt doing Jackass
01:03:49 How Pancho met his wife
01:08:20 Doing comedy
01:13:06 Lil' Revolution podcast
01:49:02 New Jackass movie?
01:56:34 The M word

Black And White Photo Of The Nine Set


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