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Arto Saari discusses growing up in Finland, skating in the Europe contests for the first time, getting on Flip Skateboards, skating with Geoff Rowley during the filming of Flip video "Sorry”, working on Transworld's “Feedback” video with Ty Evans, front boarding El Toro, why he left Flip for Alien Workshop, filming for the Alien Workshop video “Mind Field”, returning to Flip, having a heart condition & getting surgery, why he went from eS to Etnies, building a pool with Lance Mountain in his backyard, the new Arto eS shoe and much more!

Links We Talked About

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I'm Glad I'm Not Me
Arto Saari's Instagram
Platinum Crimes and Misdemeanors
Transworld Feedback
eS Menikimati
Flip Sorry
Flip Really Sorry
Alien Workshop Mindfield
French Fred Files: Arto Skating El Toro



00:00:00 Arto Saari
00:00:44 Living in Hawaii
00:09:57 Growing up in Finland
00:13:50 How Arto got discovered
00:14:52 Our Supporter: AG1
00:16:27 Knowing he was good and doing the Europe contests for the first time
00:24:13 Leaving school for skating
00:27:27 Getting on Flip skateboards
00:32:34 Skating with Geoff Rowley during the filming of Flip video "Sorry"
00:33:50 Arto's 411 Wheels Of Fortune
00:38:02 Working on Transworld's "Feedback" video
00:42:34 Filming with Ty Evans
00:48:03 Filming for the eS video "Menikmati"
00:52:22 The El Toro front board
00:57:43 Filming for the Flip video "Sorry"
01:03:01 Choosing music for his parts
01:05:00 Leaving Flip for Alien Workshop and filming for "Mind Field"
01:11:09 Returning to Flip after Alien Workshop
01:17:21 Getting synthetic ligaments in his knee
01:18:45 Having a heart condition
01:21:57 SOTY (Skater Of The Year)
01:25:57 When the money comes
01:32:10 Arto's own brand?
01:33:17 Getting into photography
01:43:15 Milkin' it
01:49:35 Building a pool in his backyard
02:04:04 The new Arto eS shoe
02:11:52 Tom Penny storys
02:18:12 Why Arto went from eS to Etnies
02:27:53 What's Arto up to now

Black And White Photo Of The Nine Set


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