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Mason Silva & Ryan Lee discuss Ryan scouting out spots for Mason, Ryan filming Curren Caples newest part, Mason recreating the iconic Huf ollie photo, Mason’s Clipper trick in his newest part “Take A Lap”, the struggle with music rights in video parts, Mason’s SOTY trip, how Ryan ended up starring in an Apple commercial, Mason’s New Nike Blazer, Mason & Ryan filming for a new video project and much more!!

Links We Talked About

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Mason Silva's Instagram

Ryan Lee's Instagram
Mason Silva's "Spitfire"Part
Mason Silva's "Take a Lap"Part
iPhone 14 Pro | Chase | Apple
For Days: Mason, Louie and Ryan



00:00:00 Mason Silva & Ryan Lee
00:02:45 Ryan scouting spots for Mason
00:08:23 The difference between filming certain skaters
00:11:08 Ryan filming Curren Caples recent Vans part
00:15:27 Our Supporter: Athletic Greens
00:17:02 Mason, Louie & Curren battling over tricks at certain spots
00:18:13 Filming with Louie Lopez
00:21:53 SOTY 2020
00:26:49 Mason's "Take A Lap" part
00:28:31 The struggle with music rights for skate videos
00:32:37 Mason's Clipper trick
00:39:04 Why did Ryan start filming?
00:45:23 Knowing that filming could be a career
00:48:40 Ryan's apple commercial
01:03:03 Mason's Yosemite trip and photo
01:06:52 Mason recreating the iconic Huf ollie photo
01:11:22 Mason's SOTY trip 2020
01:17:28 Mason meeting Ryan for the first time
01:21:25 Mason's new Nike shoe
01:31:51 Mason's massive Heelflip at Red Balloon spot
01:39:14 Craziest filming mission that wasn't so crazy
01:44:28 Mason's process
01:49:12 Nyjah's new B-Side edit
01:51:54 Mason & Ryan's new video project
01:54:26 Filmers giving clips to the skaters

Black And White Photo Of The Nine Set


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