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Mark “Fos” Foster discusses starting a brand called “Heroin Skateboards”, doing his first board graphics for Toy Machine, his process for making a skateboard graphic, the first Heroin Skateboards Egg for Daniel Shimizu in 2016, creating the Altamont & Deathwish logos, being the art director for Baker, doing Franky Villani's first pro graphic for Primitive, Snot Wheels, the release of the 13 inch “Eggzilla” board, the eS x Heroin Skateboards colab shoe the “eggcel” and much more!

Links We Talked About

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Heroin Skateboards Website
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Everything's gonna be OK part
Live from Antartica



00:00:00 Fos
00:01:03 Why the name Heroin Skateboards
00:09:35 Getting into doing graphics for skateboard companies like Toy Machine
00:16:27 The shelf life of a skateboard graphic
00:22:16 Our Supporter: Athletic Greens
00:23:51 The process of making a skateboard graphic
00:24:16 Selling out of boards and being accused of under-ordering
00:26:45 The first Heroin Skateboards Egg shape for Daniel Shimizu in 2016
00:32:51 The release of the 13 inch “Eggzilla” board
00:42:28 eS x Heroin Skateboards collab.. the eggcel
00:44:01 How long does it take to do a graphic?
00:45:53 Trials and tribulations of starting a brand with a controversial name
00:53:29 Art direction at Altamont
00:55:08 The kill fee (charging for unused graphics)
01:02:49 Is Fos's art a gifted talent?
01:09:12 Doing Franky Villani's first pro graphic for Primitive
01:11:24 Board graphics: Now vs. Then
01:14:47 Fos critiques The Nine Club Logo that Chris made
01:18:33 Creating the Deathwish logo
01:24:24 Art direction for Baker
01:28:58 Working at Altamont
01:35:18 Moving to Los Angeles from London
01:36:55 Bringing Heroin Skateboards to Baker Boys Distribution
01:40:01 Sponsoring old people
01:41:11 Owning and ending Landscape Skateboards
01:50:21 Fos' favorite brands growing up
01:51:37 What's Fos' current board set up?
01:52:50 Wheelbase issues
01:57:25 Snot Wheels
02:00:24 Decision making for his company... Any bad moves?
02:15:03 eS Shoes x Heroin Skateboard decks

Black And White Photo Of The Nine Set


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