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Andy Anderson sits in for Jeron, Taihou Tokura Stump Boys part, Swampfest, Andy Anderson and Ricky Glasers Darkslides, Micky Papa Side Hustle part, Blake Carpenter's Spitfire Part, Daydream A primitive video and much more!

Links We Talked About

Switchflip Switch Manny
I'm Glad I'm Not Me
DAYDREAM | A Primitive AM Video
Blake Carpenter's "Spitfire" Part
Micky Papa | "SIDE HUSTLE" Part



00:00:00 Nine Club Live #41
00:00:10 Andy Anderson in for Jeron
00:06:00 We revisit the wet willy
00:07:00 Topic Rundown
00:15:00 Taihou Tokura Stump Boys
00:21:00 Swampfest
00:23:00 Andy Anderson and Ricky Glasers Darkslides
00:26:00 Wilshire Beef
00:33:00 Andy's Kryptonite tricks and unlearning tricks
00:38:00 Micky Papa Side Hustle
00:46:00 KF Crook Nollie flip Crook an NBD?
00:57:00 Super Chat Appreciation
01:00:00 The Foot chart?
01:07:00 Blake Carpenter's Spitfire Part
01:29:00 Daydream A primitive video
02:17:00 Daydream Analysis
02:26:00 Super Chat Appreciation #2
02:30:00 Skater of the Year 2024 Update

Black And White Photo Of The Nine Set


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