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Ace Pelka "Naturals" Part, BATB 13 Announced, Chase Gabor leaves The Berrics, Tony Hawk Approves of Jeron's Thank You Graphic, Daniel Castillo "Can You Repeat That" Village Psychic, Top Golf x Number 33, Kenzo Rip Off Of Jason Lee's Airwalk Shoe, Josh Douglas J-1 Part, Brooklyn Projects x Big Brother Collab, Big-O Montreal Jam, Girl x Preduce in Thailand, Budget Or Buttery, Palace x Vans Low, Red Bull Rewind Contest, Jan Hirt Santa Cruz Part, Damn Am Japan, Ishod Nike SB Shoe Leaked, Sonder Vol.2 Video and much more!

Links We Talked About

Switchflip Switch Manny
Josh Douglas' "J-Force 1" Part
Violet in Miami
Can you repeat that? With Daniel Castillo
Palace Vans Low
Get To Know Jan Hirt
Girl Skateboards in Thailand | Girl x Preduce
Ace Pelka - Naturals
Red Bull No Rewind


00:00:00 Nine Club Live
00:01:37 Rundown
00:02:57 Intro
00:04:37 Ace Pelka "Naturals" Part
00:09:27 BATB 13 and Chase Gabor leaves The Berrics
00:11:00 Chris' Vending Machine At The Berrics
00:17:00 Tony Hawk Approves of Dubs Thank You Graphic
00:21:36 Daniel Castillo "Can You Repeat That" Village Psychic
00:28:00 Top Golf x Number 33
00:32:30 Evoke Republic Skate Shoes?
00:35:00 Kenzo Jason Lee Airwalk Shoe Rip Off
00:41:30 Josh Douglas J-1 Part
00:47:00 Brooklyn Projects x Big Brother Collab
00:53:20 Big-O Montreal Jam
01:04:05 Girl x Preduce in Thailand Video
01:09:00 Budget Or Buttery
01:20:50 Palace x Vans Low
01:27:00 Red Bull Rewind Contest
01:43:14 Jan Hirt Santa Cruz Part
01:51:00 Damn Am Japan
02:01:55 Ishod Nike SB Shoe Leaked
02:10:00 Sonder Vol.2 Video

Black And White Photo Of The Nine Set


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