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Nikolai Piombo, Hayley Wilson Slam Skater of the Year, The Blind Video 1993, Louie Lopez gets the key to the city of Hawthrone, Vote with your dollars, What was your first skateboard, Budget or Buttery, Janos Herzog Maxallure Part, Nike SB Ville Wester, Dranochugger IV: Satan's Drano and much more!

Links We Talked About

Switchflip Switch Manny
I'm Glad I'm Not Me
the bLind video 1993
Dranochugger IV: Capsaicin Warpat
Janos Herzog - Maxallure Part
Nike SB | Ville Wester



00:00:00 Nine Club Live #34
00:01:30 Talking during movies
00:03:00 Peanut Butter Whiskey is back!
00:05:30 ADB Collectibles be doing things
00:08:30 Super Chat Appreciation Mystery Boxes with Philip the Bucket
00:13:25 Nikolai Piombo
00:15:00 Do you ever picture yourself doing the trick when you see a clip your hyped on?
00:19:00 Thank you for being a friend
00:22:00 Who is the best singer? What band are we?
00:28:00 Hayley Wilson Slam Skater of the Year
00:32:00 Companies matching contest winnings
00:34:00 Kelly's phone is broadcasting live
00:38:00 The Blind Video 1993, Jeron, Guy, Rudy, Henry, Ronnie
00:57:00 The forgotten Blind video?
01:01:00 Louie Lopez gets the key to the city of Hawthrone
01:07:00 Etnies in Walmart?!
01:11:00 Chris needs a bathroom break
01:17:00 Vote with your dollars
01:20:00 Kung Fu Master Video Game
01:23:00 What was your first skateboard? Jeron's First
01:33:00 Chris Roberts's first board
01:46:50 Kelly Hart's First Board
02:09:00 Janos Herzog Maxallure Part
02:28:00 Budget or Buttery
02:56:00 Nike SB Ville Wester and black/white shoe black/white sock talk
03:15:00 An update to the SOTY board? The Debate continues...
03:43:00 Super Chat appreciation Mystery Box 2 with Philip the Bucket
03:47:00 Dranochugger IV: Satan's Drano
04:06:00 Winding down, signing off farewell

Black And White Photo Of The Nine Set


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