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Rodrigo TX Helas Part, Return of the Skater of the Year Board, Nike SB 2023 Recap, Trick of the Year, Mystery Welcomes Justin Ladner, Erik Penton Sk8 Skates Thrasher Part, Budget or Buttery, Trevor Colden Maniqui Part, PJ Ladd Pre 1998, Blake Norris Full volume and much more!

Links We Talked About

Switchflip Switch Manny
I'm Glad I'm Not Me
Nike SB | Best of 2023
Trevor Colden "Maniquí" Part
PJ Ladd pre 1998 and Tampa 2002
Blake Norris' "Full Volume" Part
Justin Ladner Welcome to Mystery
Erik Penton's "Sk8 Skates" Part



00:00:00 Nine Club Live #28
00:01:30 Return of the Skater of the Year Board
00:12:00 Nike SB 2023 Recap
00:26:00 Trick of the Year Talk
00:33:00 Mystery Welcomes Justin Ladner
00:38:00 What does it mean to be a pro skater?
00:50:00 Playing other sports
00:57:00 Erik Penton Sk8 Skates Thrasher Part
01:11:00 Billy Mark's is good at stuff (billy's balls 2)
01:14:00 Budget or Buttery?
01:30:00 Trevor Colden Maniqui Part
01:41:00 Busboy Etiquette
01:43:00 Rodrigo TX Helas Part
01:52:00 Ishod thunder Part
01:57:50 PJ Ladd Pre 1998 and Tampa 2002
02:12:00 Blake Norris Full volume
02:29:00 Farewells

Black And White Photo Of The Nine Set


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