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Wade DesArmo's Thunder Part, Nixon x the Nine Club Player Watch, Jack Olson's After Hours Part, Tampa AM 2023 and Master's Vert Jam, Budget or Buttery, BATB 13 Nick Holt VS Levi Loeffelberger, Santa Cruz F Em Video, Carlos Ribeiro Indy Part and much more!

Links We Talked About

Switchflip Switch Manny
I'm Glad I'm Not Me
Wade DesArmo: Thunder Trucks
Superior In The Streets with Carlos Ribeiro | Independent Trucks
REAL presents Jack Olson's "After Hours" Part
Emerica Footwear Welcomes Rob Pace
Santa Cruz "F#?! Em"
BATB 13: Nick Holt Vs. Levi Löffelberger - Round 3
Austyn Gillette’s “Know You My Own Way” Globe Skateboarding Part



00:00:00 Nine Club Live #19
00:00:53 Topic Rundown
00:03:00 Nixon x the Nine Club Player Watch
00:12:00 Kelly's Back
00:12:55 Jack Olson's After Hours Part
00:20:00 Getting Sacked Stories
00:23:00 Chili Dogs and guilty pleasure foods
00:34:00 Tampa AM 2023 and Master's Vert Jam
00:49:00 Kelly's House get's egged
00:51:00 Wade DesArmo's Thunder Part
00:59:00 7-11's
01:01:00 New Camera's are budget?
01:03:00 Budget or Buttery?
01:19:00 BATB 13 Nick Holt VS Levi Loeffelberger
01:35:30 Austyn Gillette Globe Know you my own way part
01:46:00 Santa Cruz F Em Video
02:05:00 Girl Skateboards 30th Anniversary and Auction
02:19:00 Carlos Ribeiro Indy Part
02:28:00 Sign offs

Black And White Photo Of The Nine Set


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