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Nine Club Live #13

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Woodward, BATB 13 Luan Oliveira vs Lucas Rabelo & Matt Berger vs Sunny Suljic, Gustav Tonneson's Not the new sour video, Griffin Gass Lakai Shoe Terrace, FA Jake Anderson & Curren Caples, Budget or Buttery, Supreme Piggy, Supreme She loves me not, Mcdonald's x Palace, Taylor Kirby Spitfire Collection, Denny Pham part, Yuto Horigome Nike SB Part, Anti Hero turns Doobie Pro and much more!

Links We Talked About

Switchflip Switch Manny
I'm Glad I'm Not Me
Taylor Kirby's "Spitfire Wheels" Part
BATB13: Sunny Suljic Vs. Matt Berger
BATB13: Luan Oliveira Vs. Lucas Rabelo
Gustav Tønnesen's 'This is Not The New Sour Video
PIGGY (2023)
Jake & Curren FA
Eric Koston | Skate Register: The West LA Courthouse
Lakai - Griffin Gass Pro model
Nike SB | Yuto Horigome in Tokyo
Celebrating 20 Years Of "Yeah Right!"
"she loves me, she loves me not." (2023)
Denny Pham - "SPÄTI" Part



00:00:00 Nine Club Live #13
00:00:50 Thank you Woodward
00:02:20 Topic Rundown
00:03:21 Show Intro
00:04:00 More Woodward Talk, Trip, New Parks, SLS Contest, Singed Cheese
00:11:20 ABD Collectibles 20 year celebration of Yeah Right
00:22:00 BATB 13 Luan Olviera vs Lucas Rabelo
00:26:00 Talkin Money, Pro Skater Salaries
00:33:00 BATB 13 Matt Berger vs Sunny Suljic
00:39:00 BATB 13 Point round up
00:41:00 Community Shout Outs
00:49:00 Gustav Tonneson's Not the new sour video
00:59:00 Chris Love's BBQ Sauce
01:01:00 Griffin Gass Lakai Shoe Terrace
01:16:00 FA Jake Anderson & Curren Caples
01:22:00 Budget or Buttery
01:36:00 Supreme Piggy
01:38:00 Supreme She loves me not
01:43:00 Mcdonald's x Palace
01:54:00 Taylor Kirby Spitfire Collection
02:00:00 Denny Pham part
02:08:00 Yuto Horigome Nike SB Part
02:25:00 The Berrics Skate Register, West LA courthouse w/ Eric Koston
02:30:00 Vincent Milou and Brother Build a skatepark at their house
02:35:00 Anti Hero turns Doobie Pro

Black And White Photo Of The Nine Set


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