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Tom Asta & Maurio McCoy discusses being teammates on Santa Cruz, what happened with Mystery Skateboards, was Maurio looking at other companies before he rode for Santa Cruz, 50 years of Santa Cruz, Maurio back in Street League, Tom's latest éS shoe, Maurio getting random unannounced drug testing from the Olympics, Santa Cruz Pokemon decks, what sparked Tom and Maurio to start their YouTube pages and much more!

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Switchflip Switch Manny
Tom Asta Instagram
Maurio McCoy Instagram



00:00:00 Tom Asta & Maurio McCoy
00:01:40 Arrows on YouTube cover pages
00:04:17 Our Sponsor: AG1 (Athletic Greens)
00:05:52 Tom and Maurio as teammates on Santa Cruz
00:11:46 What happened with Mystery Skateboards
00:15:57 How skaters markets themselves
00:20:01 Where would Tom and Maurio want to go on filming trips
00:22:48 Santa Cruz YouTube Channel
00:26:22 What sparked Tom and Maurio to start their YouTube pages
00:31:36 Plastic ground at a skatepark?
00:36:42 Was Maurio looking at other companies before Santa Cruz
00:39:50 Other companies Tom could have rode for
00:40:41 50 years of Santa Cruz
00:42:18 Santa Cruz Pokemon decks
00:48:15 Adding new dudes to the Santa Cruz roster
00:51:26 Maurio back in Street League
00:53:48 Olympic drug testing
01:01:47 Does Tom and Maurio compete against each other
01:03:36 Skating contests in arenas
01:12:33 Maurio vs Crob
01:14:37 What are Tom & Maurio working on now
01:22:59 Tom's new éS shoe
01:29:54 Photo incentive/YouTube incentive
01:30:37 Promotional discount codes for skaters
01:54:43 Twitch

I'M Glad I'm Not Me

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