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Ron Allen discusses getting his first skateboard in 1974, his first sponsor Gullwing Trucks, skating in his first contest, getting on Vision Street Wear, how much his first pro check was for, leaving Vision for H-Street & filming the “Shackle Me Not” video, starting Life Skateboards with Mike Ternasky, Sean Sheffey in the Life video "A Soldier's Story”, starting Fun Skateboards, his Krooked guest board & video part, being "babysat" by Stacy Peralta and much more!

Links We Talked About

Switchflip Switch Manny
I'm Glad I'm Not Me
Ron Allen's Instagram
H-street Shackle Me not
H-Street Hocus Pocus
Life Skateboards A soldiers story
Krooked Guest board part



00:00:00 Ron Allen
00:01:00 Coming down to LA from the Bay
00:02:48 Ron's 3 skate moms
00:04:10 Growing up in Visalia
00:05:52 The Visalia skate camp Mcdonalds racket
00:06:57 Getting his first board in 1974
00:16:35 Being chased by cowboys
00:18:39 Ron at school
00:19:05 Ron the cheerleader
00:23:50 Getting his first sponsor - Gullwing trucks
00:24:15 Ron's first contest
00:26:34 Experiencing racism and prejudice
00:30:32 Getting on Vision Street Wear
00:36:30 Ron's first pro check
00:37:49 Leaving Vision for H-Street
00:41:22 The H-Street Shackle Me Not video
00:46:23 Hanging with the Neighborhood team in Chicago
00:50:15 Tour stories...
00:52:50 Starting Life Skateboards with Mike Ternasky
00:59:23 Life skateboards video "A Soldier's Story"
01:03:49 Why and how Life Skateboards ended
01:18:00 How DLX got involved with Fun Skateboards
01:32:44 Sean Sheffey
01:34:12 What happened with Fun Skateboards
01:36:24 Fun becoming American Dream
01:46:15 Rons's love experiment
01:47:19 Ron's Krooked guest board/video part
01:48:17 Ron's recent handrail slam
01:54:04 Heaters
01:55:25 Makin' bongs
02:03:43 Getting on Creation Skateboards
02:12:00 Ron's thoughts on current skateboarding
02:22:57 Ron's Thrasher cover
02:24:13 Getting on Converse
02:29:47 James Kelch stories
02:37:36 Being "babysat" by Stacy Peralta
02:40:13 What's Ron working on now

I'M Glad I'm Not Me

Black And White Photo Of The Nine Set


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