Steve Saiz Reading Kanten Russell 1 minute Next Marbie

Kanten Russell discusses growing up in Southern California, his first photo in Thrasher Magazine that later became a T-shirt, skating for BBC Skateboards, getting on Sims then Chapter 7 Skateboards, why he didn't get on Plan B Skateboards, starting Shaft with Oscar Jordan, shooting with Dan Stuart, turning down Tod Swank to ride for Foundation and getting on Voice Skateboards, meeting Peter Smolik for the first time, getting on Planet Earth Skateboards, filming for the Troubleshooters video, first pro Osiris shoe “The Defcon”, filming for the Osiris The Storm video, skatepark design for New Line Skateparks and much more!

I'M Glad I'm Not Me

Black And White Photo Of The Nine Set


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