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Greg Lutzka discusses the fedora, winning the very first pro contest he ever entered, leaving the midwest to move to California, getting on Globe, Rodney asking him to ride for Almost & filming for Round 3, winning 160k at Maloof Money Cup, the multi-million dollar K-Swiss deal, why he lost his Toyota deal, his most recent Walmart Lutzka board deal, his new documentary and much more!

Links We Talked About

Switchflip Switch Manny
I'm Glad I'm Not Me
Greg Lutzka's Instagram
Almost Round 3
Red Bull Seek and Destroy 2
Oakley Our Life

Welcome to Darkstar
Globe United by Fate



00:00:00 Greg Lutzka
00:00:59 The fedora
00:03:49 Young Greg
00:08:24 Going to Tampa AM for the first time
00:11:46 His second visit to Tampa AM
00:13:19 The san Dieguito rail
00:18:24 Winning the very first pro contest he ever entered
00:18:56 Leaving the midwest to move to California
00:23:46 Starting to make a decent living from skateboarding
00:24:12 Getting on Globe
00:25:19 Greg's short stint on Krooked
00:30:48 Getting on Almost and filming Round 3
00:34:25 His Globe "United By Fate" part
00:38:36 Winning 160k at Maloof Money Cup
00:41:48 Annoying the filmers and photographers by getting tricks before they were set up
00:43:06 How Greg manages his career
00:50:31 Getting health insurance from his board sponsor
00:51:57 The K-Swiss deal
01:03:04 Brand deals
01:08:25 Winning Tampa Pro
01:10:18 Lutzka talks 270's
01:18:00 Losing his Toyota deal
01:22:08 Working with Harley Davidson
01:24:57 The Walmart Lutzka board deal
01:41:58 Greg's new TV show
01:53:49 Time management and getting hypnotized
02:12:58 Greg's next step
02:18:45 His new documentary

I'M Glad I'm Not Me

Black And White Photo Of The Nine Set


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