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Gary Rogers discusses making his first sponsor me tape and not sending it to anyone, meeting Joel from Metro & how they started Skateline NBD, the Crailtap camp showing him love early on, why Mark Suciu is his favorite skater, The Ride Channel wanting Skateline NBD, getting sober, Pushing For Pink, bringing Skateline NBD to Thrasher, ending up in the Bake & Destroy video, doing announcing work for X Games, SOTY and much more!

Links We Talked About

Switchflip Switch Manny
I'm Glad I'm Not Me
Gary Rogers Instagram
Skateline NBD
Pushing For Pink



00:00:00 Gary Rogers
00:02:45 People hate to see other people winning
00:04:03 Gary is afraid of getting lost
00:08:40 Gary's sponsor me tape
00:14:27 Getting into scootering
00:18:03 Meeting Joel from Metro
00:22:54 Creating Skateline NBD
00:35:44 Moments that had Gary in his feelings
00:36:38 Getting bought by the Ride Channel
00:40:18 The Crailtap camp showing Gary love
00:44:07 Mark Suciu is Gary's favorite skater
00:52:50 Pushing For Pink
01:03:02 Gary's message to big business
01:20:44 Bringing Skateline NBD to Thrasher
01:34:45 Gary on negative commenters
01:35:05 Has anyone came at Gary in the streets
01:40:06 Gary getting sober
01:46:14 Gary in the Bake & Destroy video
01:59:17 Working for X Games
02:11:19 What's Gary up to now
02:19:34 How does SOTY work

Black And White Photo Of The Nine Set


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