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Fabian Alomar discusses how he acquired his first board, getting on Z Products & being in the “Devastation” video, first meeting Joey Suriel, his uncle telling the gangs at Lockwood to let Fabian & his friends skate there, meeting Mark Gonzales & getting on ATM Click, Kareem Campbell putting him on Menace Skateboards, getting into drugs & going to prison for 8 years, worrying that skateboarding would welcome him back after prison, getting out of jail & straight to acting, the YouTube show “Cholos Try”, his part in the new movie “Flamin' Hot” and much more!

Links We Talked About

Switchflip Switch Manny
Epicly Latred Menace
Fabian Alomar's Instagram
World Industries 20 Shot Sequence
City Stars Street Cinema
Z Products - Devastation
Cholos Try | Sushi



00:00:00 Fabian Alomar
00:01:01 What kicked it off for Fabian to get into skateboarding
00:04:48 "Getting" his first board
00:12:58 Our Supporter: Athletic Greens
00:14:33 Getting on Z Products and being in the Devistation video
00:21:51 Meeting Joey Suriel for the first time
00:24:01 Fabian's education
00:25:53 Meeting Mark Gonzales and getting on ATM Click
00:30:02 Menace skateboards
00:37:14 Lockwood craze
00:49:34 The short life span of Menace Skateboards
00:54:16 Winding down from skateboarding
00:58:38 Getting addicted to drugs
01:05:28 Fabian's downfall
01:09:34 Going to prison for 8 years
01:14:01 Prison life
01:22:47 Mentoring kids in Juvenile Hall
01:24:07 Out of jail straight into acting
01:28:42 Nike SB x Born And Raised
01:28:56 Getting help from Danny Trejo getting his life back together
01:34:36 Getting sponsored twice at Los Feliz School
01:36:13 Worrying that skateboarding would welcome him back after prison
01:41:29 Making the decision to turn his life around
01:47:19 The feeling of getting out of jail
01:50:31 Being in jail when the internet was becoming a thing
01:52:44 Turning a 21 day sentence into a 3 year sentence
02:02:38 What's going on right now with Fabian

I'M Glad I'm Not Me

Black And White Photo Of The Nine Set


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