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The Dern Brothers discuss Dalton and Kanaan started to skate at Destins 13 birthday party at the Vans skatepark, Dalton getting sponsored by Bryce Kanights for Lifeblood Skateboards & sleeping on the warehouse floor, Kanaan getting on flow for Zero Skateboards & Jamie Thomas telling him to film as if he were filming for "New Blood", Dalton going from Lifeblood to Heroin Skateboards, Destin stopping skating and got into making short films & went to school, Kanaan & Dalton getting on Fallen Footwear, Kanaan dressing as the Joker for Halloween Hill Bomb event 2019 & going viral, filming a segment for the Berrics in their backyard "worlds greatest quarantine", their first YouTube video skating at Bams house, how being on YouTube is helping their skateboard careers, is it tough to get clips for video parts & film for YouTube videos at the same time and much more!

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Black And White Photo Of The Nine Set


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