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Darren Navarrette discusses why he’s known as the Vertical Vampire, meeting Jamie Thomas and getting on Etnies in 1994, the journey getting from Minnesota to California with tow trucks, turning pro for Creature Skateboards, the vert button, getting on 151 after Creature folded, bootlegging Creature product then getting back on Creature, tax troubles and EA Skate his brand Skeleton Key and much more!

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00:00:00 Darren Navarrette
00:00:50 Origins of the Vertical Vampire
00:07:14 Meeting Jamie Thomas and getting on Etnies in 1994
00:12:27 Our Supporter: AG1
00:14:03 Starting skating in 1984
00:16:10 P.I.S.S. (private indoor skate spot)
00:26:19 Handrail skating
00:33:32 The journey getting from Minnesota to California
00:37:28 When vert died
00:46:30 Sticking with vert through the lean years
00:53:42 Ditching his friends to go on a skate trip with Creature
01:07:02 Skateboarding is professional wrestling
01:14:17 A pound of greens got Darren to California
01:15:59 Turning pro for Creature
01:18:52 Creature going out of business
01:27:52 The vert button
01:30:17 Getting on 151 after Creature folded
01:34:20 Getting back on creature
01:38:28 Darren's small problem with Emerica
01:39:16 Tax troubles and EA Skate
01:49:42 Bootlegging Creature product
02:09:08 Who does Darren look to for inspiration
02:15:00 The older you get...
02:20:09 Darren's brand Skeleton Key
02:33:15 Music in skate videos
02:41:19 Coming up with Skeleton Key
02:58:06 Longboards - yes or no

Black And White Photo Of The Nine Set


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