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Carlos Ribeiro discusses having twins, a recent infection that landed him in hospital & surgery, playing Eric Koston in Battle At The Berrics & then having to drop out, getting told he’ll have last part in the Primitive “Define” video, his battle switch back noseblunting Clipper hubba, the toilet paper incident, filming for his new Independent part, his new signature Independent trucks and much more!

Links We Talked About

Switchflip Switch Manny
I'm Glad I'm Not Me
Carlos Ribeiro's Instagram
Primitive Skate | DEFINE
BATB 13: Eric Koston Vs. Carlos Ribeiro



00:00:00 Carlos Ribeiro
00:00:17 The only name Chris actually pronounces correctly
00:05:57 Papa Carlos
00:14:03 Carlos' balanced grinds
00:15:27 Our Sponsor AG1 (Athletic Greens)
00:17:02 Carlos' crazy infection
00:30:53 Carlos in Battle At The Berrics
00:41:21 Carlos' deltoid injury
00:43:29 Getting the last part in the Primitive video "Define"
00:44:58 Switch back noseblunt down Clipper
01:01:56 The double kink switch crook for his Indy part
01:06:43 Carlos new Independent truck
01:12:11 Switch back 360 over the table
01:17:29 The toilet paper incident
01:20:18 Switch back tail the bay block
01:30:57 Koston on Primitve?
01:34:25 What's next for Carlos
01:34:50 Contest talk

I'M Glad I'm Not Me

Black And White Photo Of The Nine Set


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