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Ben De Gros discusses growing up in Vancouver, skating with his brother Ted De Gros, his struggles with addiction when he was younger, starting his YouTube channel, why he doesn’t do brand deals, his main job doing drywall & his other YouTube channel “The Vancouver Carpenter”, why he’s taking a long break from doing YouTube skate content, working with Real Skateboards designing a board shape and much more!

Links We Talked About

Switchflip Switch Manny
I'm Glad I'm Not Me
Ben De Gros' Instagram
Ben's skate YouTube channel
Vancouver Carpenter



00:00:00 Ben De Gros
00:00:45 Internet skateboarders
00:04:15 Taking a long break from the YouTube skate content
00:05:30 Ben's drywall YouTube channel "The Vancouver Carpenter"
00:13:50 Our Supporter: AG1
00:15:25 Ben wanting to get sponsored
00:22:31 Ben's brother Ted De Gros
00:46:37 The problem with Battle At The Berrics
01:00:57 Ben's idea of a successful video
01:08:35 Working with Real Skateboards designing shapes
01:27:19 Working with Sole Tech
01:35:11 The brand deals (Cariuma)
01:45:17 Being in LA and filming content
01:59:47 Keeping up with the joneses
02:15:13 Does ben fan out on people
02:16:00 Ben's Mount Rushmore of skaters
02:19:34 Negative commenters

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